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CoreIntegrity release notes

Version 1.1, February 2024

Ahoy! Welcome to the very first edition of CoreIntegrity release notes, our cutting-edge solution for offshore asset monitoring and integrity management.

In v1.1 we bring you some snazzy new features and enhancements that will boost system performance, reliability, and accuracy.

Kudos to our dedicated development team who’ve put in a lot of hard work and late nights to prepare this update, and a huge thanks to our awesome user community for your support and feedback – we couldn’t do it without you!


  • Advanced System Infrastructure: We have upgraded our system infrastructure with a new server model that offers superior logging and monitoring capabilities. This feature ensures a more robust and reliable system that can handle complex and large-scale operations.
  • Improved Sensor Communication: We have introduced a new message delivery format for sensor communication that is more resilient and less error-prone. This feature ensures that the data from sensors is more consistent and reliable, enabling you to make informed decisions based on real-time information and increases overall system uptime.
  • Enhanced Model Calibration: We have refined the calibration of our analytics engine resulting in more accurate and robust results. This feature ensures that the data you receive is not only precise but also trustworthy for making critical decisions.
  • Seamless Asset Integration: We have enabled the system to connect to the onboard GPS, providing more aligned and accurate data. This feature allows you to track and monitor your assets more effectively and efficiently.
  • Security Updates: We have updated the system with the latest versions of all software packages to provide a number of security and stability fixes.


  • Performance Enhancements: We have made significant improvements to the application speed and responsiveness, contributing to a smoother user experience.
  • Data Integration Capabilities: We have enhanced the support for third-party data integration, facilitating more efficient and seamless workflows. This now allows the system to get new data from existing asset resources.
  • Release Upgrades: The system is now prepared to receive and rollout future updates with less disruption. Our users will automatically receive the release notes for every update.


There are no known issues or limitations for this update.


  • User interface improvements
  • Bearing monitoring
  • Flexible risers, umbilicals and power cable monitoring

Coming soon: bearing integrity monitoring functionality


If you encounter any problems, need any assistance, or have any questions related to this update, please contact our support team.


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CoreIntegrity: on-demand digital integrity

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