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Integrity management

CoreIntegrity: on-demand digital integrity system

CoreIntegrity interface 3D

CoreIntegrity is an operational digital twin for mooring systems and hull structures.

The system is based on 4 key functions:

  • Monitor and collect
  • Simulate
  • Predict
  • Optimise

Monitoring is executed by our patented CoreHub unit where the advanced global motion sensors (6DOF) and subsea acoustic sensors collect, wash and store data to give a real-time picture of your asset operations.

Simulations are performed in the cloud or on the 'edge'. Based on real-time data collected by CoreHub, we perform analysis on your mooring system to give you real-time assurance on tension, line-loss, fatigue and damage accumulation.

Predictions are based on in-coming weather reports. Our system learns how your asset performs and can predict extreme events and motions when analysed together with weather reports.

Optimisation occurs as CoreIntegrity learns how your asset behaves. We have in-built learning functions that adjust on the run to make the system more accurate and provide data-based recommendations such as hot-spot identification, re-tensioning, mooring re-design, loading/offloading criteria and fatigue warnings.

Everything is processed and presented on a user-friendly dashboard where clients can interact with and see what’s happening with their asset while continuing to operate at optimal performance.


  • Line loss detection
  • Tension analysis and monitoring
  • Loading / offloading recommendations
  • Fatigue simulations
  • Automated class reporting
  • Disconnection prediction
  • Asset position and ‘heat-map’
  • Simulations for all mooring types

The result:

70% reduction in CAPEX.
50% cut in OPEX compared to standard system maintenance.
Accuracy at +-4%.

CoreIntegrity runs detailed analysis, offshore and in real-time.
Software updates

Release notes

All the updates on CoreIntegrity features, fixes and upcoming developments.

Release notes: latest updates and archives

At breaking point: Mooring line integrity for floating offshore assets

Our whitepaper sets out what causes mooring line failure, how CoreIntegrity can prevent this, and how to get started

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The CoreHub

Data collection, washing and processing.

  • Zone rated
  • Digital GPS
  • Heave | Pitch | Roll
  • Local storage
  • Communication
  • Master or slave unit
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