The Digital Offshore Project.

From Design to Operation.
Analytics and data-driven simulations on one platform.

🖥 Data-Driven Simulations.
Data-driven life extension and predictions led by simulations run over the whole life of the asset. Greater accuracy in planning, operations, and less failures.

🌐 Digital Projects. Digital Assets.  
The digital platform for digital projects. Allowing a full-stack of simulations and optimisations to be performed at every phase, on every project and every floating asset.
Bringing your assets to life.

💡 Optimisation & Learning. 
Learning loops and scale allow for data driven optimization of products and floating assets. Putting your data to work to understand the real possibilities.

A platform that enables the complete digitalisation of ocean projects.
From design to construction to operation.
All at the click of a button.

👉 CoreIntegrity

👉 CorePlan

👉 CoreMotion

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On-demand mooring simulations and integrity.

  • Floating asset digital twin
  • Tension & fatigue simulations
  • Line loss
  • Re-tensioning
  • Extreme event prediction
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Planning for early-stage offshore wind performance and investment potential.

  • Weather limitation planning​
  • Construction + O&M planning​
  • Logistical plan development​
  • Wind resource study​
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Monitor vessel performance during operations. Perfect for offshore construction and crew transfer vessels.

  • Motion monitoring from CoreHub​
  • Recommendation of vessel optimisation​
  • Directional recommendations around wind turbine​
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