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Wind Advisory


Simplifying the complex.
Fixed and floating.
A dedicated advisory for offshore wind.

Over the decades, the wind industry has matured into a streamlined production line capable of churning out gigawatts of clean energy every year.

Floating offshore wind, immature by comparison, will borrow learnings and experience from fixed wind to enable a rapid transition to commercialisation. However, not all methodologies can be simply transferred between fixed and floating wind structures.

Our experienced and dedicated offshore wind advisory team come from both fixed and floating industries and know the overlaps and learnings. More importantly, they know the differences and can deliver streamlined advisory and project assurance.

Our expertise

  • Wind Park Development Partner
  • Bid and license support
  • Owners engineer
  • Project management
  • Contract strategies
  • CAPEX + OPEX inputs
  • Wind park layout
  • Site Identification and characterisation

Learn more in our white paper on port requirements:


Immense PORTential: The opportunity for Australia’s ports

In this white paper, we argue that if Australia doesn't develop its ports in readiness for the offshore wind industry, we run the risks of delaying the planned offshore developments; losing investment & capital; forcing ports and logistics to SE Asia; and increasing CAPEX.

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