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Immense PORTential: The opportunity for Australia’s ports


April 17, 2022

Ports are crucial for offshore wind project delivery. This is important in an isolated country like Australia, where a lack of local advanced manufacturing capability will see projects importing most components.

A large amount of space is required for offshore wind projects. 20-30 hectares is commonly seen in developed ports. Large amounts of equipment need to be laid out in a port close to the offshore site so there’s enough ready for installation. Get this logistical challenge wrong and the specialist (and costly!) installation vessels will be waiting instead of working.

In the Immense PORTential: The Opportunity for Australia's Ports white paper our ports specialist, Calum, argues that if we don’t develop our ports, then we run the following risks:

  • Delaying the planned offshore developments
  • Losing investment & capital
  • Forcing ports and logistics to SE Asia
  • Increasing the CAPEX

Ultimately, it shows that shortages exist, and delays to projects will occur unless more port developments occur, or alternative solutions are found.