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Floating Offshore Wind


The future is floating.

Driven by innovation and the desire for more clean energy, floating offshore wind is an advantageous opportunity to accelerate towards net-zero.

Technically, it is an advanced and complex solution and requires the expertise to match.

CoreMarine has been working in floating wind since 2009 and is a world leader in design and installation. Combining our CoreConstruct experience with CoreDigital software, CoreMarine can assess, predict and solve the complex problems that arise in floating wind.

We combine our expertise in fixed offshore wind and oil and gas engineering to provide a comprehensive service list to the industry:

  • Floating tech due diligence
  • Coupled analysis
  • Mooring design
  • Field layout mooring design
  • Industrialization & supply chain
  • Power cable design & field layout
  • Integrated Mooring & power cable design
  • Yield assessments
  • Multi criteria installation & construction assessments
  • Floater performance studies
  • Aerodynamic modelling of wind turbines
  • Motion-based O&M Planning and Optimisation

Project - X1 Wind Installation Support

CoreMarine assisted in the installation of X1's new prototype floating wind project.

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Dynamic Power Cable Design

Learn more about how CoreMarine can design your dynamic power cable systems in parallel with the mooring system for your floating wind park

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