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Offshore wind

Offshore wind advisory and engineering that’s digitally led from concept to construction


CoreMarine’s offshore wind advisory and engineering team brings deep experience from both the fixed and floating industries.

We draw on technology transfer and learnings from established offshore energy industries.

Offshore wind is a complex business, distinctly different from other energy sectors. Fixed offshore wind has matured into a streamlined industry capable of producing gigawatts of clean energy every year. Floating offshore wind is immature by comparison, but we know the overlaps and learnings from fixed wind that will enable a rapid transition to floating commercialisation. CoreMarine has been working in floating wind since 2009 and is a world leader in design and installation.

CoreMarine supports developers, operators and investors with expert technical services. We deliver streamlined advisory and project assurance, bringing insights and experience to ensure confidence through the full project lifecycle from site identification to feasibility, design and construction.

We specialise in:

  • Wind park development partnership
  • Bid and license support
  • Owner’s engineer role
  • Project management
  • Contract strategies
  • DEVEX, CAPEX and OPEX support
  • Wind park layout optimisation
  • Site identification and characterisation
  • Technical studies and due diligence
  • FliDAR advisory, deployment and management
  • Metocean forecasting
  • Risk and impact assessments
  • Technology studies
  • Yield assessments
  • Marine operation and construction
  • Integrated mooring and power cable design
  • Floater performance studies
  • Aerodynamic modelling of wind turbines
  • Motion-based O&M planning and optimisation
  • Digital products

Learn more about CoreMarine's offshore wind expertise in our port requirements white paper:


Immense PORTential: The opportunity for Australia’s ports

In this white paper, we argue that if Australia doesn't develop its ports in readiness for the offshore wind industry, we run the risks of delaying the planned offshore developments; losing investment & capital; forcing ports and logistics to SE Asia; and increasing CAPEX.

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