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Toscana FSRU disconnection

FSRU Toscana at night

OLT Offshore Italy, April 2024

CoreMarine has successfully completed riser and mooring disconnection operations for OLT Offshore LNG Toscana, in our most rapid, complex project delivered to date.

The LNG Floating Storage Regasification Unit (FSRU) Toscana, anchored off Livorno, Italy, was required to shut down in early 2024 due to extraordinary maintenance.

With the FSRU being one of the major gas terminals for Italy, critical to the country’s energy security, CoreMarine was tasked with preparing an ultra-fast-tracked feasibility study on the disconnection operations. This turned into an equally fast-tracked project to perform riser and mooring disconnection operations.

FSRU Toscana control room

We worked as an integrated project team with the FSRU Toscana’s operators, ECOS, to engineer and execute the operations. Our scope included:

  • Performing inspection of all subsea and top side assets for the mooring and risers to get a baseline condition.
  • Identifying suitable vessels and the required modifications for disconnect operations.
  • Project procurement of all required equipment for operations.
  • Mobilising all crew and equipment to the installation vessels and FSRU.
  • Offshore operations performed:
    • Visual inspection and cleaning of all mooring and risers,
    • Heading control of FSRU,
    • Riser disconnect,
    • Mooring disconnect, and
    • Station keeping and towing of the FSRU to port.

Operations were conducted with a combination of WROV and diver operations.

“This was CoreMarine’s most rapid and most complex project to date, with the largest project team we’ve assembled on such short notice. Excellent collaboration with ECOS in an extremely high-stakes situation led to a successful disconnection in early April. We were thrilled to deliver such a fast, high-quality outcome for OLT Offshore.”
- Jason Bayne, CoreMarine Construction Manager

CoreMarine designed the towing operations to deliver FSRU Toscana to Genoa, for maintenance work to commence. CoreMarine has commenced engineering work for the reconnection operations, to be completed in the second half of 2024. The FSRU is scheduled to resume production in October.

FSRU Toscana is connected to Italy’s gas grid through a 36.5-km pipeline, operated and managed by Snam. It has a maximum authorized re-gas capacity of 5 Bcm/year.

FSRU Toscana drone
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