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Underwater Restaurant ‘UNDER’


Lindesnes HavHotell AS

In 2018, CoreMarine executed the marine and installation operations for Under, the world’s largest underwater restaurant and education centre located in Norway. CoreMarine carried out hydrodynamic (CFD) analysis, installation and load-out operations while adhering to a very tight budget for the monolithic-sized project.

Project Under posed numerous technical challenges throughout, greatly testing the balance of form versus function in ocean construction where a rugged coastline meets the wild North Sea.


The project was successfully completed, on time and within budget. Today, Under coexists as a restaurant and marine research centre, demonstrating underwater spaces can be utilised, accessible and harmonious for all.

Key deliverables:

  • Hydrodynamic analysis
  • CFD Analysis
  • Installation & Towing procedures
  • Installation & Marine Ops
  • Ballasting & Stability

Installation and Marine Operations

CoreMarine are experts at offshore installation and operations.

From heavy lifting to towing and hook-up, we have the expertise to execute the most complex (or simple) offshore projects and support our clients offshore developments.

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