The what, why and how of offshore wind: Australia edition | CoreMarine

The what, why and how of offshore wind: Australia edition

Wind turbine evolution NOPSEMA
Evolution of wind turbine size and power output. Credit: NOPSEMA

Australia, December 6, 2023

The Australian offshore wind industry is just getting started. A couple of zones have been declared as suitable for offshore wind, and a handful are still under consideration. Once a zone is deemed generally suitable, there’s still years of work ahead while developers apply for feasibility licences and work through approvals, consultation etc, before ultimately being awarded (or not) a commercial licence to build a windfarm.

But in the meantime, there are questions! Do we need offshore wind? Why? How does an offshore windfarm work? Where will they be; how big, can I see the farm from shore, can I hear it? What about environmental impacts? Isn’t offshore wind expensive? How are turbines built and operated, and where will the jobs be based? Do they affect wind and wave patterns? What happens in a really big storm?

We’re releasing a series of ‘offshore wind explainer’ white papers. CoreMarine works in several offshore wind markets globally, so we’re perfectly positioned to demystify the process, draw parallels and unpack the questions for each market. Australia’s up first: download the paper here. And as always, if you want to talk more – reach out!