What do rat lungs and ocean engineering have in common? | CoreMarine

What do rat lungs and ocean engineering have in common?


May 12, 2022

Our super data scientist, Jose Luis (Pepe) Ceros has just released a research paper on – stay with us – lung tissue image processing of rats undergoing mechanical ventilation. Why is this exciting for CoreMarine? The tomography Pepe is developing applies not just in medical research, but also in heavy industries that rely on detailed imaging. This gives us the power to segment images and track them through time, combined with convolution-based volume analysis.*

At CoreMarine, our curiosity and nerdiness knows no bounds. We will turn over every rock and rat lung to understand more about how the world works, make connections across disciplines, and improve our software for safer, more efficient, highly-optimised ocean operations. For example, we’re applying this experience as part of the Float&M floating offshore wind project, and testing and developing underwater image recognition at the BiMEP test centre in Bilbao.

*If you understood a word of this, reach out to Pepe – he’d love a chat! You can read the paper here.