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A layout, planning and optimisation tool for offshore wind developments. 

To simulate a future windfarm operation, CorePlan allows an operator to collate and compare environmental and operational data.

Using a range of factors to test power production, reliability and metocean conditions, CorePlan is an essential addition in the early stages of the offshore wind planning process.

This planning tool allows the operator to test different configurations, possible bottlenecks, failure rates and maintenance repair times. These simulations can provide invaluable assistance to asset managers to optimise operations, plan maintenance and ultimately guide investment decisions.

As a project progresses and more detailed information is fed in, the model will continue to collate and interpret data to provide the operator with progressively accurate outputs.

CorePlan works hand-in-hand with CoreDigital's complete suite of digital tools to allow clients to move seamlessly from design to operation.


  • Weather limitation planning​
  • Construction and O&M planning​
  • Logistical plan development​
  • Wind resource study
  • Weather database integration​
  • Cloud or local server based​
  • Client login and interface
  • Mission Planner functionality
CorePlan mission planner

Mission Planner

A feature within CorePlan is our Mission Planner.

It allows for the following:

  • Planning of construction and O&M operations
  • Construction simulations based on weather data
  • Importation of vessel characteristics and RAOs
  • Yearly planner for limiting operations based on hindcast weather database