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In the ocean, nothing stays the same for long.

CoreMotion gives users transparent access to real time asset motionss via the CoreDigital dashboard. Operators can evaluate touchpoints of floating assets with the ocean, and have confidence they are optimising their performance with data specific to their mooring.

  • Motion monitoring from CoreMarine Tracker​
  • Recommendation of vessel optimisation​
  • Directional recommendations around wind turbine​
  • Motion logging for class, insurance and owner claims


  • Increasing uptime on CTVs and wind service vessels
  • Optimising the  construction window for offshore construction vessels
  • Optimising lay time and uptime for cable lay vessels
  • Heavy lift window optimisation
  • Loading/offloading operations
Offshore Tracking
CoreMotion in action optimising cable lay operations
CorePlan mission planner

Mission Planner

A feature within CoreMotion and CorePlan is our Mission Planner.

It allows for the following:

  • Planning of construction operations
  • Construction simulations based on weather data
  • Importation of vessel characteristics and RAOs
  • Yearly planner for limiting operations based on hindcast weather database

CoreHub - The Core of CoreDigital

The CoreHub is the tracking unit that monitors motions and positions.

It preprocesses the data and communicates with your asset and the onshore base.

Its pretty cool (and smart).